The shape of the model in PGI joint inversion is not matched

Hello, I am trying to perform a two-dimensional joint inversion of resistivity method and seismic straight-ray tomography imaging using the PGI framework. I used the existing examples in simpeg for their forward simulations, but encountered the following issues during the PGI joint inversion.

pgi_model =
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\utils\”, line 136, in wrapper
out = f(self, *args, **kwargs)
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\”, line 111, in run“initialize”)
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\directives\”, line 328, in call
getattr(r, ruleType)()
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\directives\”, line 849, in initialize
dm_eigenvalue_list += [eigenvalue_by_power_iteration(dm, m)]
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\utils\”, line 196, in eigenvalue_by_power_iteration
fields_list += [obj.simulation.fields(model)]
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\electromagnetics\static\resistivity\”, line 106, in fields
A = self.getA()
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\electromagnetics\static\resistivity\”, line 522, in getA
MeSigma = self.MeSigma
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\base\”, line 112, in Me_prop
prop = getattr(self, arg.lower())
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\”, line 157, in fget
return mapping * self.model
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\”, line 249, in mul
return self._transform(val)
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\”, line 471, in _transform
m = map_i * m
File “D:\anaconda\envs\pg\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\”, line 244, in mul
raise ValueError(
ValueError: Dimension mismatch in InjectActiveCells(560,560) and np.ndarray(1120,).

mesh.nC == 560
During the inversion process, the shape of the input model is incorrect. May I ask how to fix this issue?

The issue of the model mismatch has been resolved, but a new problem has emerged as follows. What could be the reason for this?

File “pydiso\mkl_solver.pyx”, line 333, in pydiso.mkl_solver.MKLPardisoSolver.refactor
File “pydiso\mkl_solver.pyx”, line 519, in pydiso.mkl_solver.MKLPardisoSolver._factor
pydiso.mkl_solver.PardisoError: Factor step error, zero pivot, numerical factorization or iterative refinement problem