Seismic travel time simulation for 1D layered velocity distribution


I’m new to simpeg and I’m looking for a simplified forward simulation of seismic travel time based on 1D layered velocity/slowness. Can the 2D version be degraded to solve such a 1D problem?

Thanks! Looking forward to your response.

Hi Aster,

Sorry for being late reply.
SimPEG has a simple travel time tomography code, but it does not take account refraction (and reflection) of the seismic ray.

So, I am not sure this is a relevant code that can serve your purpose. If you can clarify what you are trying to do, I could better answer.

Hi Seogi,

Thank you for your reply. I am also new to seismic data processing and may have some misunderstanding of the travel time tomography. In my opinion, there are two categories, reflection tomography and transmission tomography. And I think the implementation on SimPEG belongs to the latter, suitable for the borehole-to-borehole case or surface-to-borehole case. You said the implementation on SimPEG does not take account refraction either. Does it mean that it only considers the straight rays?
I’d like to find a forward and inverse code to achieve accuracy travel time tomography. And there may still be misunderstandings, so please don’t hesitate to point out any possible mistakes. Thanks.