Run Inversion without forward


I would like to perform a seismic inversion with SimPEG, without the forward.
For what I understand, I have to define the survey, but when I try to run it says that I also have to pair to the problem. So even if I don’t wanna run the forward I still have to define it?
Is there any example of running only inversion?

Hi @jcbarreto,

I guess you recognized that SimPEG does not support seismic problem.
However, you can build your own using SimPEG’s framework.
It is not possible to run inversion without forward simulation, so you must have a simulator as well as a function that you can evaluate the sensitivity of data with regard to your inversion model.

What kind of seismic data do you have?

Hi @sgkang09, Thank you for your answer.
I know SimPEG doesn’t have a seismic framework. I’m working with surface waves. I have created a class following the same workflow from SimPEG, ProblemSWAVES, where I call a code from matlab through matlab engine and it returns the field (phase velocity ) and the Jvec( the sensitivity).
So far, with the code I have, I’m getting the error:

Hi @jcbarreto: very cool! Do you have the code for ProblemSWAVES somewhere online (e.g. GitHub)? There are not many examples yet of folks connecting other forward simulation codes to SimPEG, so we don’t have many examples to point you to, but I am sure one of us could take a look and see if we can see what might be causing those errors