Hi SimPEG users and developers,

I have a question about how to use the plotIsoFreqNSimpedance, plotIsoFreqNSDiff and plotPsudoSectNSimpedance function plotIsoFreqNSimpedance which in the NSEM.utils.plot_data_types.I meet a problem in the plot of the 3D forward modeling data.I get the Masked ndarray, but I dont’t know how to invoke the plot function.
so, I want to know the input format and their meanings about those function parameters:
1 freq, array ,flag,par in plotIsoFreqNSimpedance function;
2 freq,arrayList,flag in plotIsoFreqNSDiff function;
3 sectDict, array, flag, in plotPsudoSectNSimpedance function;

I would like to hear your opinion. Thank you for reading this.

Best regards,