Plot pseudosection

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to plot pseudosection with Simpeg? I have the apparent resistivity data, pseudo-depth and distance. I don’t need to calculate them again, I just basically need to plot pseudosection. However, I couldn’t do it. If it is possible or if you have any example, can you please help me? Thank you for your help.

Hi @TravisJ, Welcome! Apologies for our late response.

There are some utilities for plotting pseudosections in the resistivity module. We recently ran a tutorial at the Transform 2020 event and assembled some notebooks here: In the first notebook, you will find an example that loads up some field data and plots pseudosections (both apparent resistivity and potentials).

If you have created a SimPEG survey and data object, the basic idea is

from SimPEG.electromagnetics import resistivity as dc

# create a survey
survey = dc.Survey(source_list=source_list)

# create a data object
dc_data = Data(

# plot a pseudosection 
    dc_data, data_type="apparent resistivity"

Hope this helps!