How to improve the skin effect in the inversion process?

Hello everyone,
I have few doubts that need to be addressed in my gravity inversion work. The questions are as follows:

  1. How to use depth_weighting in my inversion work? (Maby i could use reg.set_weights?)

  2. When the Z0 of depth function in Simpeg is negative the inversion result is better than positive Z0, but in Li, Y. and D. W. Oldenburg (1998). “3-D inversion of gravity data.” the Z0 in depth weight function is positive. Why negative Z0 is better than positive in Simpeg?

I appreciate any help i would get.

hello YULJ
do you solve the “How to use depth_weighting in my inversion work” question? I meet the same question that the recovery model Shallower the True model.