Welcome to the SimPEG Discourse

Welcome to the SimPEG discourse! This is a place for the SimPEG community to interact with one another, ask questions, share ideas, find collaborators, ask for help, and provide support to other community members.

Who is this for?

This is meant to be a space for SimPEG users, developers, and newcomers to the community to interact and learn from each other. It’s meant to be a space that’s also searchable and archivable, which will hopefully make it a valuable resource for people to about simulations, inversions, and using Python for geophysics!

What should we talk about?

This is meant to be a general resource for topics related to simulations and inversions in geophysics and using SimPEG. You are welcome to post anything related to these. We have organized the site into a few categories to help focus conversations, but don’t worry if your topic doesn’t clearly fit into one of these categories. We will adapt the site along the way.

Here are a few topics you might take a look at for getting started:

More resources

Below is a collection of resources on SimPEG, getting started with Python, and a few references on inversion. Please feel free to add to this post if you have other favourite resources you would like to share!



A few references on inversion


If you have feedback or ideas on how we can improve this to better serve the community, then feel free to post in the site feedback category.

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