Open educational resource for Potential Field education

I am teaching a graduate level potential field course this semester at UH. My students and I are developing some open educational resources for this course. It is sort of like a textbook but not quite. It is more like commentary of the lectures I give in class. Here is the link to the resource We do use some materials from

It is far from being considered as good. There is a lot more to do. Specifically, many contents need to be further expanded. Many new contents need to be added. Most importantly, we need to develop a lot of interactive tools so that students can play to develop a better understanding of potential field data (theory, processing and interpretation techniques/methods). One good starting point is to convert the Fortran in Appendix B in Blakely’s book to a set of interactive tools.

I hope more people from SimPEG community and grav/mag community can join in this effort.


Hi @jsun29, Thanks for sharing this! I will be sure to highlight it at the next SimPEG meeting so it is on peoples radars :slight_smile:

Hi @lheagy, thanks a lot! It would be great if more SimPEG people could join us in this effort. There are many very useful materials on geosci and SimPEG that can be integrated into this open book.

BTW, I got in touch with Alexis and I will start building the interactive tools I talked about in the post. Excited to see my first interactive tool posted on GitHub :fist:

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