TDEM, Magnetic Permeability, muiMap

Why does TDEM (SimPEG.electromagnetics.time_domain.simulation.BaseTDEMSimulation) have no parameter “muiMap” (Mapping of Inverse Magnetic Permeability (m/H) to the inversion model., a SimPEG Map).
How to set Magnetic Permeability in TDEM.

Hi @starlank,

Thanks for your note, and apologies for our late reply! In the FDEM codes, we have implemented the ability to invert for magnetic permeability, hence we can use a mapping to define the permeability (or inverse permeability). However, we have not yet implemented this in the TDEM codes. So you can set mu to be variable and we can perform forward simulations and invert for conductivity with a variable mu model, but we cannot yet invert for permeability with the TDEM codes.