FDEM HLEM coplanar loop inversion

I am using the example from simpeg github:

The example consider a single line of loop-loop EM data
at 30kHz with 3 different coil separations [0.32m, 0.71m, 1.18m] using Horizontal co-planar orientations (vertical magnetic dipole),
and look at the real and imaginary parts of the secondary magnetic field.

My goal is to invert an HLEM dataset with measurements of in-phase (%) and quadrature (5). The coils are held about 0.8m above the ground, and the coild spacing is 100m. My input csv has columns of station,elevation ip,op. where station is the mid point of the Rx and Tx location
In simpeg’s example the observed ( or synthetic) data are stored in units of nT.

How can i convert my ip,op to Teslas. I have written a Henkel transform, that i am happy to share, or is there an easier way? such as Primary Field for FDEM sounding

Can you provide an example script with a function to convert the ip and op to Tesla, so that an FDEM inversion model can be made