Besoin d'un Programme d'Inversion et de modélisation FDEM

Salut !!
J’aimerais avoir un programme permettant d’effectuer une inversion et modélisation 1D et/ou 2D par volume fini sur des données FDEM issues d’un PQWT (pour la recherche de l’eau)
J’ai des données en .csv

Take a look at the following examples in the documentation to help you import your data and run 1D inversions:

plot and load data: Heagy et al., 2017 Load and Plot Bookpurnong Data — SimPEG 0.15.0 documentation

1D inversion, individual sounding: Heagy et al., 2017 1D RESOLVE and SkyTEM Bookpurnong Inversions — SimPEG 0.15.0 documentation

stitched 1D inversions: Heagy et al., 2017 1D RESOLVE Bookpurnong Inversion — SimPEG 0.15.0 documentation

Hello, I have a question about the mathematical approach to MT inversion, I am trying to do a multi-objective inversion with 2 different models, I have my 2 separate objective functions, then for those 2 functions I have to do? is that I am entering the code but everything is resolved but I want to put it all mathematically, thank you very much for your attention.

@josare: I believe that it will be better if you create a new question in this discourse as this is not related to the topic of this specific conversation.
For multi-objective function, check the tutorial: Joint PGI of Gravity + Magnetic on an Octree mesh using full petrophysical information — SimPEG 0.15.0 documentation

It will highlight how you can do things like:
dmis = dmis1 + dmis2 or reg = reg1 + reg2