TDEM data units

I do TDEM 3D forward modelling
I use a circular loop as a source and different types of receivers: PointMagneticField, PointMagneticFieldTimeDerivative, PointMagneticFluxDensity and PointMagneticFluxTimeDerivative.
Could you please clarify units of predicted data for each receivers?
I think that it is A/m for PointMagneticField, A/(mc) for PointMagneticFieldTimeDerivative, Wb/m^2 for PointMagneticFluxDensity and Wb/(m^2c) for PointMagneticFluxTimeDerivative. Is it correct? Or there is a normalization by current?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Tatiana,

If you don’ specify the current (I), then the code assumes the unit current (I=1), so you can think magnetic field and flux are normalized by the current. But, not by the size of the area of the source. If you were using a loop source with an area, A, and measuring magnetic flux density then the unit is: Wb/m^2-A. Some times are the field data are normalized by the source current and area, so you may need to convert the observed data by multiplying the area of the source.

Hope this helps,