How to solve the problem ( splu() got an unexpected keyword argument 'is_symmetric')

TypeError Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[19], line 2
1 halfspace_resistivity = 100
----> 2 dpred = forward_simulation_halfspace(mesh, resistivity=halfspace_resistivity)
3 plot_apparent_resistivities(dpred, halfspace_resistivity)

Cell In[12], line 15, in forward_simulation_halfspace(mesh, survey, resistivity, nky)
10 rho = resistivity * np.ones(mesh.nC)
11 simulation_dc = dc.Simulation2DNodal(
12 mesh, rhoMap=maps.IdentityMap(mesh), solver=Solver,
13 survey=survey, nky=nky
14 )
—> 15 dpred = simulation_dc.make_synthetic_data(rho)
17 # clear the stored source values if they were previously computed
18 for src in survey.source_list:

File ~\anaconda3\envs\t2020\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\, in BaseSimulation.make_synthetic_data(self, m, relative_error, noise_floor, f, add_noise, **kwargs)
360 relative_error = std
362 if f is None:
→ 363 f = self.fields(m)
365 dclean = self.dpred(m, f=f)
367 if add_noise is True:

File ~\anaconda3\envs\t2020\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\electromagnetics\static\resistivity\, in BaseDCSimulation2D.fields(self, m)
153 if self.Ainv[iky] is not None:
154 self.Ainv[iky].clean()
→ 155 self.Ainv[iky] = self.solver(A, **self.solver_opts)
156 RHS = self.getRHS(ky)
157 u = self.Ainv[iky] * RHS

File ~\anaconda3\envs\t2020\lib\site-packages\SimPEG\utils\, in SolverWrapD..init(self, A, **kwargs)
43 self.kwargs = kwargs
45 if factorize:
—> 46 self.solver = fun(self.A, **kwargs)

TypeError: splu() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘is_symmetric’

Without any more details (such as version information) it’s hard to give a completely correct answer.

As a first order, it appears your version of SimPEG is rather out of date. For example, in the current code base the at line that threw the error here is now at line 97, (Your posted error claims the failure line was at line 47).

dear, sorry, I provide more details, the version of SimPEG is ok。 I also create a certain envirenment for simpeg 2020. The main of problem is the code (dpred = forward_simulation_halfspace(mesh, resistivity=halfspace_resistivity)). Now I upload a screenshot about the question which is provide by jupyter notebook . thanks.

Joseph Capriotti via SimPEG Community Chat <> 于2023年4月8日周六 00:19写道:

What version of SimPEG are you running? This error should have been fixed in more recent versions.

the version of SimPEG is 0. 14.1.
If I use the latest SimPEG, the numba package requires the numpy package to be prior to 1.23. I sincerely hope you could help me to solve the problem ,because I majored in geophysics. thanks.

Joseph Capriotti via SimPEG Community Chat <> 于2023年4月9日周日 10:26写道: