Fetching and plotting vertical magnetic fields

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I have a question about how to fetch and plot vertical magnetic fields when an electric dipole source is used. I use a 2d cylindrical model. Both sources and receivers are placed below the air-earth surface. I was able to extract horizontal and vertical electric fields and plot them. A script for extracting the magnetic fields are basically same as those for the electric fields. I was able to grab the horizontal magnetic fields but couldn’t do the same for the vertical magnetic fields.
I assume that my script has a mistake leading to this error. One can read the script from the link:
I would like to hear your opinion. Thank you for reading this.

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Hi @evan, due to the symmetry of the problem, if you have an electric dipole, there will be

  • electric fields / currents in the vertical and radial directions
  • magnetic field / fluxes only in the azimuthal component

So there would be no vertical component to the magnetic field in this scenario.