Exporting models to UBC format

I know there are functions (like write_model_UBC) to save 2D and 3D models in UBC format. Can you share with me an example of how the function arguments should be defined, as well as the input and output files, please. Thank you.

For any questions about the functions inputs/outputs, you can refer to the code documentation. For example: discretize.mixins.TreeMeshIO.read_UBC — discretize 0.9.0 documentation

I’m facing a problem when using using SimPEG code in my jyputher : ImportError: cannot import name ‘Mesh’ from ‘SimPEG’ (C:\Users\wilfr\anaconda3\envs\Praticemachinelearning\lib\site-packages\SimPEG_init_.py)
could someone help me to solve it