1D RESOLVE Bookpurnong Inversion

Hi everyone!

I’m exploring SimPEG with the 1D RESOLVE Bookpurnong Inversion jupyter notebook. It’s nice, because it is related to my research.

However, I cannot reproduce the inversion from the paper. I changed the notebook a little so that it solves only one inversion problem for one sample. Then I compare the outcome of the inversion (as defined in the notebook) with the outcome as stored in the booky_resolve.hdf5-file.
I get this result:
Could it be that the inversion parameter from the stored outcome is not equal to the one in the notebook?

Hmm… Were you able to fit the data?
My gut feeling, we fixed the beta value, and there were changes made in our regularization function, so that beta value is not relevant any more. Can you try few inversions with decreasing beta values, and see if you can get similar results?