Seeking assistance with three-dimensional forward modeling using electrical sources to fit with one-dimensional analytical solutions

Hello, I am a master’s student conducting research on the three-dimensional forward modeling of electromagnetic sources in CSAMT.My excitation source is using an electrical source (LineCurrent), and I am performing forward modeling of magnetic and electric fields using Simulation3DElectricField. However, the forward modeling results do not match the one-dimensional analytical solution for an electric dipole excitation source, with discrepancies of 1-2 orders of magnitude.I’m very confused right now and don’t know what to do. Could you please provide some guidance to help me figure out where I went wrong, or if SIMPGE does not support three-dimensional forward modeling with electrical sources?Whoever can guide me, I would be immensely grateful.
mul-freqs-Copy1·-Copy1.ipynb (125.4 KB)