Processing of Areal Electromagnetic Data


I am trying to process Areal Electromagnetic data with AEM2018 program package. The data is available in this link
However, I am totally new to this. I think I have successfully installed and created the python environment required to run the program through jupyter notebook. I was also able to run the program for the given data. But I don’t know how to create an input file from raw data and process that to get a 2D resistivity/conductivity model from AEM data. It would be helpful to get some instruction about the processing of AEM data.

Kaushik Sarker

Hi @kaushik67, thanks for your question! If you are new to SimPEG and python, I would recommend taking a look through the tutorial we ran as a part of the Transform 2020 conference. This focusses on DC / IP data, but will give you an overview of the framework and running inversions with SimPEG

@yangdikun also recently gave a tutorial on time-domain EM modelling. Dikun, would you mind linking your notebook here too? Thanks!