Does Surject2Dto3D could be use on the TreeMesh

Hi all:
I am working on 2.5D TEM inversion using Simpeg
and it will very computational when the number of transmitter loop is large
so I want to perform the inversion on the 2D mesh and mapping the results on the 3D mesh to perform forward,so I need use Surject2Dto3D in the Maps, it worked well on tensor mesh,
but it failed on the TreeMesh

what should I do if I use Surject2Dto3D on the Treemesh ?
or, if I want to inverse a time domain EM data along a profile with many source (like skytem with ~ 500 sources ), how can I save the computation time ? are there any tricks to calculate it fast ?

HI zhongmin,

That is correct. With the current simpeg time-domain implementation, this will be quite expensive.
Surject2Dto3D would not work for the Tree mesh since we assumed the mesh is Tensor.

Not sure we have a good solution for your problem at this point with SimPEG. In general, one can set up a different mesh for each of your AEM source to save the cost (seel below referenece).

Simulation part of this idea is implemented in

Hope this helps.